1. How long does it take us to work out a project?


The process starts when our studio gets prepayment, measurements and photofixation. We can take measures and make photofixation without borders of Nizhny Novgorod, but that is an additional cost. The owner can make it all without our help but under our direction. At the average it takes Fruit Design Studio 1-2 months to work out a project.



2. How much do our projects cost?


It depends on a space, its measurements, workloads, time-frame — the amount of the factors, influencing the cost, is rather big. But on the average 1 square meter of a space floor costs 65 USD. The less the space is, the more expensive it is and vice versa.



3. What product will an owner get?


The project contains 1-3 different drafts, outlines and the set of decoration materials, furniture and accessories. Field supervision is payed apart. We have designed projects which had different levels of complexity and detailing. We've practiced successful launch of 3 various projects at the same time. And we pay much attention to each of them. But if your object is in another city, we can make field supervision distantly, giving e-mail or skype-consultations to you and the builders.

We have published examples of our outlines and sketches for the most careful owners.



4. What we are good at?


You can involve our team into work process at any stage of project execution. Fruit Design has any specialists you can need.

Furniture manufacturers can make unique interior elements by the drafts our studio will make.

Engineers can make outlines for installation of substantial constructions, doorway transfer, strengthening of insecure walls and overhead covers and so on.

Our specialists can make any ventilation and air-conditioning scheme.

Graphic designers can compose a menu for your restaurant or bar.

And it's all besides designers and architects who are the basics of the studio.



5. Do we make apartment interiors?


On the one hand, the main field of Fruit Design work is design of commercial objects (HoReCa, retail, offices). But it doesn't mean that we can not or do not like to work with apartments. And the studio portfolio contains more residential projects than public spaces. But we do not publish these works, for we suppose that would be invasion of our owners' privacy. If you would like to look what we can make with living space, send us a request via the feedback form – and we will send you some projects we've done.



6. Do we work with owners living not in Nizhny Novgorod?


Of course, we do. We are working with owners form Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Penza. And we have done several projects distantly. There's nothing complicated about that. You make measurements, take photos from any possible angles, send us a scan of a signed-by-you contract and transfer prepayment. Then we send you a scan with both signatures - yours and our. And the further communication will be carried via skype or e-mail at any time that both of us would consider appropriate.



7. And what about foreign owners?


That's ok. We have currency counting and we can easily take prepayment in USD and EURO. Rules, principles and requirements for interiors are not that different all over the world. Designers, architects, builders use the same decoration materials and engineering standards. We can make an English translation of outlines free of charge. We can make translation to any other language, but that will cost additional money. If you are from the USA, all measurements at an outline will be given in the system of measures you are used to.

And of course, we can make field supervision not distantly, but all transfer and accommodation costs are in charge of an owner.