An interior design studio founded by young architect Alexander Frukht in the middle of 2014. Alexander brought together like-minded designers, architects, artists, furniture manufactures.The team is famous for following the key rule: form the space not putting it into format limits.

The owners whom the studio has already worked with are the most significant restaurant networks of the Volga region in Russia, but at the very same time  all of them are contemporary thinking businessmen.

So luckily first projects by the Fruit Design turned out to be both-side responsive - brightness of the business ideas and the unique design by Fruit Design converted into large impact that the new restaurant projects provided on both, visitors and business community.

Interiors FruitDesign

Fruit Design creates public interior solutions, designs living and commercial spaces. 


Alexander Frukht

senior architect, 27 y.o.

Serhey Shevlyagin

senior architect, 28 y.o.

Alyona Vatrushkina

architect, 24 y.o.

Emilia Novruzova

PR, 29 y.o.

Nikolay Bugrov

furniture manufacturer
“Nikolay Bugrov's workshop”
34 y.o.

Nikita Evdokimov

artist, 28 y.o.

Ilya Barabin

graphic designer, 23 y.o.

Concept Lines


Fruit Design interiors use to have a kind of a key element which can be either an idea, or an image, or even an impression. That's why all spaces designed by the studio, are integral, and every inch – accessories, textures, furniture – works for the common concept.



Fruit Design strategy is to get a split-level space determination. Integrating roomy architectural elements makes the projects multidimensional. And the well worked out décor brings the comfort which every interior needs.



Fruit Design tactics is to create turnkey interiors. If it's necessary, the studio can work out a project having just bare walls or even nothing but a future space project at the beginning. But we can get into gear at any stage.



Fruit Design calling card are catchy graphic, art characters literally vivifying the interiors.



Furniture used in Fruit Design interiors is for the most part invented, drawn and worked out by the studio.



Fruit Design projects are true interactive. The interiors are populated by sense details – quotes, gentle and friendly provocations merging into the contemporary culture context but not taking away the room for self-irony.