city cafe.


A cafe in a food-court of a shopping mall. The owner asked Fruit Design to observe the strict requirements for the food-court area, but to make the interior as if this cafe was a separate space. Now the Smetana is a pass-through zone, partitioned off by the glass doors only. But the interior brought in such a self-sufficient atmosphere that one can't but grasp the Smetana as a city cafe. It's an island of comfort and contemporary forms in a cool, unified space of a town shopping mall.

The Smetana has enough space for three different sitting types and event for a small game zone.

As it usually happens to Fruit Design, guests use to pay much attention to details which are worth studying, - concept, but funny photos and the collection of mixed wooden spoons hung on walls, trendy and purposeful plywood  boxes in a bar (with stations kept inside) and many other.

All pieces of furniture used in the interior was created and made by the Fruit Design Studio.