"№119" City Cafe and Coffee Shop


A very special case. FD designers not only made an interior, but also created the name of the object in the heart of the biggest cities in Russia. FD got inspired by versatile and imposing tables with houses numbers which hang on all facades of these picturesque southern city. №119 is surrounded by 3 universities at once. An entering group is a dominant, brightly accentuating the cafe facade. It is a perfect example of contemporary urbanity practice. A wooden single-unit construction having a sign-board, staircase and a small “terrace”. The cafe has 2 rooms. The opening one is for coffee take-off and fast service with an imposing bar stage in the center. One more accent is a cat drawn on the wall. As usual it is a specific animal “created” by FruitDesign specially for №119. The second room is adjoining the the first one. It is a launge zone, a bit more calm. FD used natural materials to design both rooms. To begin with solid oak flooring. Or ancient 70-year-old boards renovated by studio Lama66 specially for FD. The unique texture of old wood, whitewashed authentic brick masonry, old cases, hand-held more than 150 years old grinders and other specific things which designers found at the city flea-markets, many terracotta planters — that's why this interior is that much comfortable, specific for any person visiting.