Coffee bar\reception in a famous city hostel. The studio got a task to design a small, elongated pass-through zone having just 40 square meters area. The hostel is located in the building of a former garment factory. All the spaces are faced with authentic red clay brickwork, and even original wiring is preserved by the owner as a part of the specific atmosphere. So Fruit Design architects followed the main principle the studio postulates — they worked with the given space, its space and peculiarities.

Brew-bar is double-functioned — it works as a separate coffee-bar and as a hostel reception. Although the space is rather small, the architects managed to zone it and even assign a corner for “Mr. Lemur Misanthrope” - the big, on-wall graphic bar “host”. The corner has a remarkable armchair just under the wall image.

This brew-bar is a good example of how many details an interior should have. The studio designers together with the owner have gathered the XIX-th century artefacts to bring authenticity into the interior (a travel kit, book rarities, a pharmaceutical scale kit).