“Gusto soup”


is a fast food cafe in the center of Nizhny Novgorod offering dozens of fresh and useful soups. Since it was a pilot institution of restaurateurs who were going to launch a whole network of the same cafes, the task was to create an interior that could be easily scaled and replicated elsewhere. It was decided to develop a single design code for the interior of this institution. We came to the idea that any room can be divided horizontally with of strips of different materials and textures.
Thus, in the bottom of the cafe interior appeared in the tinted wood, then there was the middle band of ceramic white tiles and bleached top on which a bright yellow pattern from the corporate identity of Gusto Soup was painted. Rack-suspended ceiling we supported by vertical lamellas made of wood, zoning space. We also chose modern and concise furniture and fixtures. The natural looks of the finishing materials should emphasize the naturalness of the soups and other products of this establishment.


Area: 65 square metres

Project author:Sergey Shevliagin

Photographer:Aleksandr Susorov

Implementation date: 2016