"Dzen. Tea & Coffee Shop"


First interior for retail objects in FruitDesign portfolio. A tea and coffee shop on the 1st floor of a shopping mall in the center of Moscow, Russia. A rather small space is a comfortable mix of several zones, including even the one for 2-person tea ceremonies. Moreover, FD designers managed to make a double layer interior by means of space building solutions and a combination of materials having different texture but common Eco-mood. The basic level is the calm green color, which ceiling and walls have. This natural tone visually enlarges space, brings optical depth. On the second level wooden (one more Eco accent) constructions arouse: vertical panels, shelvings and decorative ceiling quilting lamellas. These elements are as if inbuilt into the basic green, they do not cover it over – only make a non-isolated, but defensed space. This kind of an interior is a good contrast to cold, unified mall corridors. Dzen as a point of convenience, peace and quiet joy.