"Coffee Cake"


A coffee-house having a separate entrance at the 1st floor of an A-class business center.

The key architecture space-and-roomy solution is a wooden construction having a shape of a double-pitch roof of a typical country house. This house is a place to hide from deadlines and subordination hardships.

To make the impression full the stained glass zone has shelves with lots of natural flowers. And all the visitors are “greeted” by the stencilled on-wall portrait of Karl Marks at the entry.

As it always happens to Fruit Design projects, almost all elements – including upholstered furniture, shelves, tables, racks, bar, – were made by the studio drafts. That's why the coffee-house turned out to be that much integral – each detail works for the common idea at its best.

As a result, the designers created an ironic interior, light bantering routine of a typical manager, usually spending one third of his life in the office.

At the very same time, according to the designers' idea, getting into a hearty coffee-house atmosphere – with all its wood, kraft accessories, motivating words somewhen said by famous businessmen and now printed on these tables – these surroundings is to make any manager feel safe at last in the very hell of the downtown.